Freeze-dried Fruits Could Be the Next Big Thing in the Nutritional Food Space

Freeze-dried Fruits Could Be the Next Big Thing in the Nutritional Food Space

Freeze-dried fruit is becoming more popular as a snack. It has a light, crunchy texture and a strong fruit flavour. "Is freeze-dried fruit as healthy as fresh fruit?" You may question.

"Eh, dried fruit?" You might be thinking. That's nothing new!" While dried fruit has been around for a long time, its newer, colder relative freeze-dried fruit is an altogether different kettle of fish. Because it has been dehydrated, freeze-dried fruit is comparable to dried fruit, but it has a crisp feel akin to a potato chip and contains significantly fewer calories and sugar than typical dried fruit. 

Traditional dried fruit isn't all that healthy, and while you might think it's a wonderful way to increase your fruit consumption, it's just a little, energy-dense treat with little nutritional value.

Unlike dried fruit, freeze-dried fruit is not sweetened, and unlike traditional dried fruits, which have had virtually all of their water content and nutrients removed by sun or machine drying processes, the freeze-drying procedure preserves the fruits' nutrition.

By first freezing the fruit and then drying it in a professional vacuum process, freeze-drying preserves its nutritious makeup and structure. The inner water is swiftly converted to vapour and drawn off the fruit, eliminating around 96% of the water while retaining the fruit's form, colour, and flavour. As a consequence, you get a nutrient-dense, very crispy form of your beloved fruit.

The benefit of freeze-dried fruit is that it provides comparable levels of nutrients to fresh fruit. Some are lost during the freeze-drying process, but eating it increases your consumption of vitamins A and C, iron, and potassium. While freeze-dried fruit loses some of its nutritious value, it compensates by increasing antioxidants and fibre content.

Freeze-dried fruit has up to 2g of fibre per 1/2 cup, which is ideal for controlling your appetite and preventing you from reaching for harmful snacks in between meals. Not only that, but freeze-drying fruit transforms your favourite fruit into an antioxidant powerhouse. The free drying technique concentrates the antioxidants in the fruit, providing greater antioxidant value in a smaller packaging. 

Yes, without question, freeze-dried fruit will be the preferred snacking option in the future, which is why Bonvie Snacks freeze-dried fruit chips are a must-have.

They crunch in a delicious way

One of the reasons freeze-dried foods are so well-liked is that they change foods with a soft, squishy mouthfeel into something quite different, making them delightfully crunchy and crumbly. The first time eating freeze-dried strawberries or snacking on freeze-dried banana slices is an astounding revelation for foodies who enjoy diverse textures! They are a fantastic on-the-go snack, perfect for mid-morning elevenses or packing in the kids' lunchboxes, in part due to their intriguing crunch.

They Taste Fantastic

With traditionally dried fruit, there are instances when it seems as though the flavour has been surgically removed, but not with freeze-dried fruit. Simply take a bite out of any of our Freeze-Dried Kiwi Fruit Pieces or crack open a packet of these unbelievably delicious Freeze-Dried Mango segments to notice that the flavour has been preserved and stunningly amplified. Because of this, you may easily add them to smoothies, cereals, and a wide variety of other meals without worrying that the flavour will be masked. The next time you make a fresh and healthy smoothie, why not try adding a few of these intriguing Freeze-Dried Apples?

They Make Foodies Very Happy

If you're a foodie who is always looking for new foods, freeze-dried items will be just up your alley! 

Without a doubt, freeze-dried fruit is popular for a good reason. They are a nutritious, tasty, and long-lasting alternative that can be eaten at any time and in any place. Try our freeze-dried fruit and keep a lookout for our farmstand for additional snacks and other freeze-dried delicacies!

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