Real fruits, but cooler!

The Story Behind Bonvie Snacks

Imagine you are watching a movie and on an endless streak of munching chips. Sounds like every day, right? What if you could replace the packet of chips with a pack of freeze-dried apples?

It was with this exact mission our founder Atul Gupta started Bonvie, a brand aimed at adding the health quotient to your everyday snacking. A passion for health combined with entrepreneurial skills imbibed at a young age, Atul wanted to transform snacking from devouring junk to consuming something tasty yet nutritious in the form of freeze-dried fruits.

Born from this mission was BONVIE. With our freeze-dried fruits making snacking healthier and easier, it’s always a GOOD LIFE!

Our Mission & Vision

We are driven by a passion to provide high-quality products to our customers and being one step ahead of our competitors by supplying the best products. We do this by sourcing premium fresh fruits, vegetables & herbs from traditional farms. In addition, our skilled experts make quality checks at every step of the production process.


We provide the highest quality food products through innovation, honest practices and responsibility to our global community


We believe in making a difference with our sustainable and fair practices in the global community.


Our essence lies in developing and offering products that inspire a healthy lifestyle by combining health with taste and crunch.

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Our Team

Atul Gupta - Founder

Atul, a born leader is the man behind the ship of Bonvie. Following the footsteps of his forefathers he started a segment that drives his passion. Under his leadership, Bonvie is set on a path of sustainability, progress and fruitfulness.

Dr. T.P.Rajendran - Advisor

Dr. T P Rajendran epitomises innovation, growth and development. Being a frontrunner in our technological R&D, he strives to make the manufacturing process seamless and best in class. With him, Bonvie is constantly aiming to ideate, innovate and implement the best practices for our customers.

About JM Gourmet

A dignified identity built on distinct taste

With a history spanning more than 115 years, JM Group is an eminent name in the food processing industry for exporting and supplying high-quality Indian spices, fruits, vegetables and herbs.

We are now making our mark in the domain of freeze-dried fruits & vegetables. With a focus on doing what’s best for our consumers and the earth, our operations prioritise sustainable practices by reducing wastages to deliver the best quality products without compromising the health code JM Gourmet has upheld for generations.

Based in the heart of India, Delhi, we take pride in being the world’s leading player in offering an assortment of freeze-dried fruits, vegetables, spices & herbs that elevate the taste and aroma of every dish. We combine our heritage with the best present-day technologies to provide a unique vision of our offerings in the market that involves sharing knowledge, experience and expertise.

While JM Gourmet fulfils the needs of bulk buyers, with our retail segment BONVIE SNACKS, we have embarked on a journey to make snacking healthy for individual customers.

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