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Why Healthy Snacking?

Carefully selected, freshly harvested and frozen fruits and vegetables are gently dehydrated using sophisticated technology to remove the water bound as ice (known as sublimation process), while the cell structure of the original product is retained. Although freeze-dried fruits are very light, studies show that all the nutritional values are retained at almost the same level as fresh fruits.

Healthy snack

Convenient to carry

Longer shelf life

Available in every season

No preservatives

Tasty crunchy delight

Imagine you are watching a movie and on an endless streak of munching chips. Sounds like every day, right? What if you could replace the packet of chips with a pack of freeze-dried apples?

It was with this exact mission our founder Atul Gupta started Bonvie, a brand aimed at adding the health quotient to your everyday snacking. A passion for health combined with entrepreneurial skills imbibed at a young age, Atul wanted to transform snacking from devouring junk to consuming something tasty yet nutritious in the form of freeze-dried fruits.

Healthy Snacking Anytime Everytime!






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