Why Freeze-Dried is the Closest Thing to Fresh Fruits?

Why Freeze-Dried is the Closest Thing to Fresh Fruits?

We live in an era where more and more individuals care about clean living and aim to consume as many authentic, whole-food, plant-based foods as possible. To that purpose, freeze-dried fruits and vegetables are an ideal substitute for fresh products. 

Don't get me wrong: nothing surpasses a full, crisp apple, a dish of organic strawberries, or a salad of freshly cut mixed greens. However, freeze-dried produce has the potential to play a significant part in a healthy (and tasty) diet. 

So, what does it mean when something is freeze-dried? Simply described, freeze-drying is a method of eliminating ice and moisture from a product, such as blueberries, using a vacuum system and a process known as sublimation. 

Finally, you're left with a lot of gorgeous blueberries that are completely intact but devoid of water. So they're crispy now. You can then eat them whole as a snack or grind them into powder to use as a clean component in several applications. 

The good news is that freeze-drying has several key benefits and advantages that are worth mentioning:

High Nutritional Content

One of the key benefits of freeze-drying is that it locks in high amounts of nutrients. Freeze drying occurs shortly after picking fruits and vegetables at their optimal freshness and nutritious content. In other words, the product used for freeze-drying ripens on the plant as it should and is then plucked at the appropriate moment. The product is subsequently freeze-dried, which eliminates the water while leaving the nutrients intact. Fresh food, on the other hand, is often taken off the plant long before its peak maturity, allowing some ripening to occur during shipment to stores. As you can expect, depending on the circumstances, this might be less than ideal.     

Closely Resembles The Real Thing (Because It IS The Real Thing)

One advantage of freeze-drying is that it preserves the original colour and shape of the fruit or vegetable (until it is eventually turned into a powder), so you know you're eating a real, natural product. Furthermore, the technique preserves the primary smells and flavours of the original, fresh fruit. 

Light Weight

Freeze-dried items have a weight that is decreased by up to 90%, demonstrating how much water fresh fruits and vegetables truly contain. Because of their low weight, these items are easier to transport and have substantially cheaper shipping expenses. 

Reduced Microbial Concerns

When properly processed and packed, the occurrence of microbial issues during storage owing to a lack of water is considerably decreased. When compared to the possible bacterial development of fresh fruits and vegetables that are generally stored in a damp atmosphere, this is a huge benefit.   

You're in for a treat whether you're munching on freeze-dried fruit treats or eating freeze-dried components in another manner. A pleasure for the senses and, without a doubt, a treat for your health and well-being. This is why Bonvie Snacks from their wholehearted produces freeze-dried fruits. We all need more plant-based meals in our diet, and freeze-dried goods are an excellent method to do this. 

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