Confused between Freeze dried fruits and Dehydrated fruits? Here’s the difference!

Confused between Freeze dried fruits and Dehydrated fruits? Here’s the difference!

Are you an “I can eat strawberries the whole year” or an apple every morning kind of person? If so, we’ve got your back! Both freeze-dried and dehydrated fruits let you enjoy any fruits regardless of the season. But even if you’re someone who prefers to enjoy the fruits of the season, washing, storing, and shopping for fresh fruit daily can be too much work, especially if you have a busy schedule. So here’s when these dried fruits come as a savior. Not only can you eat them anywhere and everywhere, but you can also store them for a loooong time without worrying about them going bad. 

While both dehydrated and freeze dried fruits are healthy and have all the required nutrients and flavor, the preservation methods used for both of them are quite different. Read on to find out more!


The process

Dehydrated fruits are preserved following a one step process – the fruits are gently dehydrated to remove the water from them. In contrast, freeze-dried fruits go under a 3 step process- 



Because freeze-drying removes nearly all of the moisture or water content from the food, it has a much crisper, crunchier texture than dehydrated food.


Because dehydrated foods contain about a third of their moisture, they have a much shorter shelf-life than freeze-dried foods.


Because freeze-drying removes most of the moisture in each snack, there is no need to add additives to preserve the food for a longer time. On the other hand, dried snacks usually require a fair amount of preservatives to keep them fresh.


Freeze-dried foods retain all or nearly all of their original nutrients after the freeze-dried process. Dehydrating can strip foods of more of their nutritional content due to the heating processes commonly used to evaporate some moisture on the inside of the food.


Of course, many consumers wonder what the difference is in terms of taste when it comes to freeze-dried and dehydrated snacks. Dehydrated foods can lose much of their flavor, mainly due to the heat-drying processes used to remove the moisture.

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